Hello, Hola, Bonjour, Tena Koutou,

Zap Hotel is BACK

If you're seeing this article, you successfully managed to navigate through a treacherous register page, and clicked this article. Well done, nobody reads articles anymore, but for some reason I keep publishing them.

Let's get to the serious stuff

As somebody who's spent (at this point) many years watching other people running their retros entirely wrong, I decided it was time to gather like minded people, old friends, and especially old enemies to create something that would put USERS before PROFIT and USER ENGAGEMENT above everything else.

I am sick of seeing hotels that are owned by your everyday noob, who knows nothing about the inner workings of how a hotel actually runs, and how to run it successfully.

I am sick of seeing hotels that you can pay to win on,

I am sick of seeing hotels that ban you, your friends, and anybody they don't like simply because a staff member doesn't like them.

The Plan

Over the next few weeks we will be publishing our Road Maps for the future of this hotel, and how we feel the retro community can not only be cultivated, but how it can grow rigirously based around our ideals of a perfect hotel.

First of all, regardless of your social status, you are welcome to use this website. Beefs with old players? Consider them over. Hate somebody else who plays this website? Make up. There is no place for drama here. Second chances are the basis for this hotel. The community is too fragmented because of petty "beef".

Our first step in growing this hotel is ensuring you all have something to do, as many hours of the day as we can have staff or users online. There are clear event prizes, as well as the usage of GOTW points.

Suggestions, Bug Reports, User Reports

For now, please contact Jontycat or any other Administrator on Discord. We are working on setting up guidelines for our in-game forum to provide a seamless experience.

Final Notes

We spent this week fine tuning many aspects of the hotel. Some touches may not have been applied and as such we ask for your patience in this. If you see something out of place, let us know.

Drop your issues with other people. Help contribute to something that the retro community has not seen in a long time: a fair and respectful retro where everyone is included in every decision.


Jontycat - FOUNDER, NOV 21, 2010.