6 weeks of casinos? Who would've thought that?!

Now...Leave all shame at the door as you desperately try to win back last weeks losses...If you haven't guessed yet our last weeks theme was a Real Casino! Now... I did realise shortly after this would be a tricky theme, but the entries were still great! Now, your winners!

In First place, who definitely won big this week and is now the proud owner of a Golden Dragon (and 15c) User vauxo

In Second place, already planning an upgrade to his VIP section with a new Silver Dragon (and 10c) User Kevin

In Third place, probably needing upgrade security to protect his new Bronze Dragon (and 5c) User Zuben

Let's try this again shall we?

Your theme for this week definitely isn't a last minute panic over COTW theme thought.... It's Freestyle! That's right! Anything goes, let your imagination run wild this week

A reminder seems fitting this week, COTW is a building competition so your wealth will not dictate the judging, however if you would like to use rares then you are more than welcome.

Entries must be submitted via the competitions tab by the 30th of January.

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