Welcome to ROTW!

Hello there! Zap's ROTW has officially arrived, bringing with it a very hopeful judge and a bundle of creativity. Every week ROTW will test our builder's use and knowledge of Zap's extensive catalog to build a room based on a given theme, giving way to the top 3 builders of that week. Themes will vary in difficulty and how open they are to keep our builders in tip top shape.
So, let's get into things. 

The inaugural ROTW will be kept short and simple, your theme will be... Themed Cafe! This can be interpreted any way you see fit, whether that be a Cat Cafe, a Cafe from a specific decade, or even kept plain and simple, the more creative the entry the better, BUT it must be evident that the room IS a cafe.

Why should I? 

Simple, a cash Coin, Badge, and Rare prizes! Each week our winners will receive, a Bundle of Coins, a Super Rare Dragon Lamp, and a nice fancy badge!

How do I? 

Another simple answer, select your finished room and enter it HERE before the allotted time is up.

Entries will be judged the following Wednesday from this post (Wednesday, 30th), and a new lovely week of ROTW will commence!

If you have any enquiries or suggestions (be it furniture or future themes), please don't be afraid to ask a staff member!