Hello there!

Oh, what a lovely time for the Second instalment of Zap's ROTW! Given it's 2023 I'm sure we all know how these work, so let's skip ahead. 
Last week our builders were tasked with designing and building a room following the theme of a Themed Cafe, anything from cottage core to outer space goes.

So, how'd it go?

Glad you asked! here are our winners for this past week!

In First place, user cat

In Second place, user tay

In Third place, user puppy

An honorable mention to the following users, heck, J, and amber ; Who will all receive a special "You Tried" badge and some pocket change for their valiant efforts!

A huge thank you to anyone who entered this past week! It was nice to see a lot of variety :)

What's next?

Your theme for this coming week will be... Vacation! This may sound odd, but this theme can include relaxing getaways to a cottage, a week in the big city, or even a picnic at the beach, interpret the term vacation however you seem fit for this build.
Please submit your entries HERE by the 6th of September.