Before we get back into it I'd like to apologise for the delay, but alas ROTW is back! I'm sure we all know what ROTW is so, let's skip that part.

So, our last theme was Vacation, being anything from a beach getaway, all the way to a cottage in the middle of nowhere.

Unfortunately only 2 rooms placed this week, both were incredible entries. That does mean the leftover prize will be shared between the entries!

In First place, user Hell

In Second place, user Cat

Now that's over, it's time to unveil our new theme... Magic! From a witch's hut to an evil lair. For this theme you may want to look at such furni lines as 'Witch' 'Magic tech' 'Fantasy' and a few of the Halloween lines.

Entries must be submitted by the 20th of September, they can entered HERE. Any questions regarding the theme, furniture or the competition itself please contact Luke.