Zap Hotel FAQ



Can I be staff?
- No.


How do I become a staff member?
- Don't ever ask for it. We hire staff members based on how active you are (very/daily), if you take it upon yourself to host events often, if you are friendly and helpful to new/current users, and if you advertise and bring new users to the hotel often, you have a very good chance.


How many duckets/credits do I get per hour?
- 60 credits and 35 duckets.

How do I get diamonds?
- If you log in everyday around the same time, you will get a daily reward. Every day you log in you progressively get more credits, duckets, and eventually diamonds per day. (Maximum is 10 days- after that it restarts back to 1 day.)

What can I get with my diamonds?
- Limited Edition rares in the catalog, or badges from the badge shop in our catalog.

How often do limited editions release?
- When they all sell out, and a couple days after when it's convenient for us.

How do I know when my next daily reward is?
- Type :nextreward on the hotel.


What is a "sandbox" room?

- A sandbox room is where you can use any furniture (all staff rares included) strictly for building and creativity purposes only. There is a "Sandbox Furni" section in our cataog where you can get these items to use in your sandbox room- they will not work in normal rooms. To set your room to a sandbox room you can type :sandbox in your room. Note: once you sandbox your room you cannot change it back. Click here for the article on sandbox rooms.

What other fun things are there to do on this hotel?
- Our staff team are always up to host events daily for active online users. Prizes are given to each winner- event rares and occasionally crates are given out as a prize. Always check our news articles! Every week we have a Room of the Week and Casino of the Week competiton that anyone can participate in. Stay tuned for more competitions too!


What is this page?

This page represents the answers to a few questions we have been asked since the creation of the hotel.

It would be helpful to refer to this page before asking Zap Staff.

If you think something should be on this page, contact one of the Staff!